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As with every industry in the 21st century, the oil/gas industry is generating more data than they can analyze and ‘refine’. CAPEX has dropped by approximately 25% since 2014. The easy cost savings have been achieved, but simply reducing headcount and maximizing production throughput by “squeezing” existing assets is no longer a sustainable long-term strategy. For this industry, the next step is automation. From the wellhead to the gas station, automated operations will determine who succeeds in the long term.

Because of how remote wells are, only a small subset is sent back to ‘the home office’ in the way of drill logs or other ‘documents’.  The result – a somewhat structured data problem at the wellhead turns into an unstructured document problem.  Add to it the lack of consistent storage and cataloguing of the data and any real opportunity was lost to analyze, learn, automate and make for easy resale that completed well.

Bring InfoDNA Solutions with Topla and their recent addition of ‘image analysis’ using Glyph-based capabilities to bring structure at the lowest cost.  Even within the status quo of drill logs and reporting – no matter where the files are located can now be automatically categorized and clustered.  No more people and greater knowledge.

Let InfoDNA bring this new addition to the Topla technology to your organization and show a new way of identifying value and moving to a better place in how they are managed and utilized.

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