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In 2019 the number of organizations who have some number of ‘drives’ that they put documents and content on are growing – no matter what you want to think.  We used to have a screen that was like the one above with local ‘network drives’ for departmental or corporate basic library services for files. It was the original ‘shadow IT’ for content management!

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!

Over the last 5 years, this has been augmented by the likes of the ‘enterprise sync-and-share’ (EFSS) players like Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive and others.  With the advent of Microsoft Office365 offering all the OneDrive space you want for no additional cost – we have made it easier to create a portfolio of ‘data swamps’.

Unsearchable, containing duplications, full of uncontrolled litigious data – or worse a potential data breach and negative business consequences.  Business users are using these tools and creating an unsafe ‘shadow IT’ reality.  These network drives need to be brought under control and the use of a single and standard EFSS needs to be realized.

This is where InfoDNA’s Topla technology and services help.  The ability to automate the assessment, interrogation, comparison of information across repositories, extraction of additional information about files and allowing for the placement of information into a standard taxonomy is just the beginning to get any organization into a better place.  Topla was designed with customers who are some of the largest and most complex use cases in the world from a language, geographical regulation, disparate technology landscape and short time lines.  Our focus on this need for organizations is all we know and do – giving you the opportunity to focus on the business need as Topla focuses on the rest.

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