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InfoDNA’s experience has inspired and informed the creation of industry-specific taxonomy templates that help our customers save time, improve accuracy and simplify the process of creating a taxonomy.

Our methodology around proper Taxonomy Design includes:

  • Business Processes design and mapping
  • Content Lifecycle mapping for document flows
  • Complete File Plan
  • Mapping to a normalized taxonomy
  • End-to-end solution design

Of course, once you’ve created a taxonomy that defines your organization’s document types, it’s only effective if it’s put to work to save your company time, energy and money in your EIM operations.

InfoDNA provides industry-leading automatic classification technologies designed to reduce the manual effort of classifying incoming documents and information. InfoDNA knows how to leverage your corporate taxonomy to create an effective, efficient classification process that automatically classifies incoming documents and assigns each document a series of metadata values that are defined in your taxonomy. This same process can be applied to all the documents your organization has stored in ECM systems.

Create an effective, efficient Taxonomy classification system.