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There is a lot of chaos in the content landscape.  Hyland how owns Perceptive, Nuxeo and Alfresco along with their OnBase product and laying off 11% of the company.  Based on Gartner, IBM has lost its way.  OpenText has no focus.  Iron Mountain is getting in the game white labeling Nuxeo.  BOX kept from being  acquired by taking money from TPG.  With all this in flight, what does an organization choose?  8 times out of 10 words like “See if you can make SharePoint work – we get it for free”.

What motivates a more:

  • The vendor audited them – AGAIN
  • Big increase in the yearly maintenance bill
  • Bad support when a tier 1 need arose
  • Bad sales tactics that are aggressive and no value
  • Big data center reorganization and need to move to new hardware on into the cloud

But with all this insanity, clients need to get their document strategy into a better place.  This is where InfoDNA Solutions can help.  They bring decades of experience and unique products to file identification, important metadata mapping, and do it all across heterogeneous systems in parallel to come to one version of the truth.

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