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InfoDNA Solutions has added Glyph-based technologies to their Topla platform that allows any sized unstructured document need and complexity to be solved quickly with maximum accuracy and lowest cost.  What makes this especially powerful is the technology can analyze not just words and forms, but also images.  This is especially powerful when considering engineering drawings, petroleum seismic drawings, analysis of charts and graphs as part of a larger document analysis.  With every organization having a mix of technologies today, this can bring sanity to the insanity.

Another capability is when documents are scanned, they tend to need to be ran through an ‘optical character recognition’ process (OCR) to make them text readable and searchable before any type of classification can be designated.  With glyth, the process is much more ‘visual’ to allow any type of document or image to be deduplicated across and within repositories, placed into a classification ‘cluster’ and bring much greater automation to the effort of system reconciliation or migration.


This approach brings a completely new economic opportunity where traditionally it did not make sense.  Examples around:

  • Back scanning paper documents stored in warehouses – like Iron Mountain.  Traditional scanning made the economic of a backscan unrealistic.
  • Reconciling a mix of network drives where no metadata is available and an unknown mix of documents, files, images and potentially sensitive PII data could persist.  Separating the value from the redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) is paramount.
  • Creating a single ‘view’ – or collection – across technologies to identify important materials for legal actions, potential mergers and such can be very labor intensive and have a short window of time to complete.  This could also be used as a way to migrate a mix of systems into a more enterprise single solution.
  • Departmental SharePoints – because it has been so widely used as a ‘shadow IT’ solution for departments to create portals for work, SharePoint has turned into a problem.

Let InfoDNA bring this new addition to the Topla technology to your organization and show a new way of identifying value and moving to a better place in how they are managed and utilized.

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