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Houston, Texas – July 29, 2019 – InfoDNA®, a global leader in work automation and document management,  today is announcing the general availability of Topla Intensify™ – a complete solution to allow organizations to collect, auto classify, auto reconcile, auto deduplicate and enhance the searchability of all business documents and content in an enterprise.  This complete solution is now possible in an automated and expedient manner no matter the total set of repositories used to hold documents – network drive, cloud sync-and-share, legacy content management systems (IBM FileNet, Documentum, etc.) and collaboration portals (Microsoft SharePoint).

Changes in technology, the advent of cloud options, growing legal risk and the need to better identify information to enhance customer experiences while also driving efficiency is the ‘new normal’.  Add the velocity and size of corporate mergers-and-acquisitions and the immediate desire to normalize the business processes and repositories adds up to a business imperative to drive better accountability and customer service, save money and bring business agility.

Example include:

  • Migrations to new cloud platforms. 95% of the Fortune 500 subscribe to Office365 giving them unlimited opportunity to use a cloud-based enterprise repository at no additional cost.
  • Growing Compliance requirements. Traditionally it was about governance, risk, litigation and compliance needs.  That has evolved into a multi-trillion dollar challenge with the advent of new lease rules in accounting that require a full accountability of all contracts for leases in an organization that meet the requirements of FASB 842.
  • Better customer, vendor and employee relationship management with an ever-growing set of communications mediums. Fax and paper have given way to text messaging and click-to-chat.
  • Shorter ROI realization, CAPEX to OPEX and evolving development paradigms. Success is now expected faster with a lower cost and business risk as organizations move to a more ‘agile’ and transformational framework.

To realize the value, Topla Intensify™ was created with InfoDNA® clients to bring forth business documents and content to the modern and transformational business.  Primarily it will:

  • Create a single collection from multiple heterogeneous repositories
  • Interrogate and analyze the content landscape and eliminate duplications
  • Extract additional information from every document to allow better searchability, classification and discoverability
  • Allow the metadata of a document to be corrected or enhanced
  • Allow the results to be placed in the content repository of your choice – whether on premises or in the cloud

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