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Collect, classify, reconcile and seamlessly deliver enhanced content and metadata into any desired repository.

Data and Your Business

As organizations look to generate better client outcomes, limit legal exposure and drive significant cost savings, Topla Intensify is the only enterprise solution that addresses the challenge by enabling consolidation of multiple heterogeneous content repositories into a single collection.

Organize Data

Bring best practices and automation to assess, find, reconcile, validate and migrate all corporate content.


Cost Savings

Eliminate redundant data to save costs on storage and file access.


Limit Legal Risk

Organize your corporate data so that it can be easily catalogued, reviewed and audited.


Business Efficiency

Find the right information, at the time it is needed, confident that it is the best-and-final version.

See how Topla Intensify can transform your business

With a solid architectural backbone, Topla Intensify has the following features that are unlike any others in the market.


Single Collection from Multiple Heterogeneous Repositories

Topla Intensify is the only product currently available that allows the creation of a single collection from multiple heterogeneous repositories and migration of the resulting collection to the desired target repository.

By design there is no limit to the number of repositories or the selectiveness within each repository. For example, for a migration project the user can add a file share, a Documentum repository or select cabinets, a SharePoint repository and an Alfresco repository to a collection. The combined collection of documents could be migrated to a target repository while enhancing/correcting/fixing the metadata of individual documents.

Content Landscape Analysis and Duplicate Elimination

With 6 canned reports, customers are able to quickly discover the landscape of their enterprise content siloed in multiple repositories by creating a single collection and reviewing the reports.

Along with the collection of content and its metadata, Topla Intensify is able to determine the presence of duplicates in a collection, providing customers with the choice of excluding this redundant information from being migrated to the target system. For customers, eliminating this duplicate information saves significant costs in the downstream processes and day forward maintenance of the target systems.


Continuous migration with delta migration capability

Topla Intensify is designed to migrate content and its metadata from active production systems without affecting the performance or usability of the source repositories. Its capability to detect changes to the source repository, such as the addition of new documents or changes to existing documents or deletion of documents, and incrementally synchronize these changes with the target repository enables customers to complete migration projects with minimal impact to end users. Migration cutovers can be planned to be executed in a short window of time during the cutover day.


Agentless connectors to source and target repositories

The connectors to source and target repositories work without the need to install an agent on existing production systems, thereby eliminating concerns of affecting a live production system.

Agentless connectors reduce the effort involved in setup and testing during the migration projects, saving our customers time and resources.


Workflow Capability

Topla Intensify is the only integrated platform in the market that incorporates a workflow engine to enable vetting of the information before making it ready for migration to the target repository. This is very useful for customers dealing with information that is very subjective in nature and that needs human intervention before it can be migrated. A good example is the review of contracts by legal experts and capturing subjective metadata information for each contract, thus enabling the business to be prepared to comply with regulations and improve its business processes with the enhanced information.

Connect to Any Repository


Topla Intensify currently has the capability to collect from 18 different types of repositories and to export content and metadata to OpenText Documentum, OpenText InfoArchive and OpenText Content Server. Topla Platform’s unique architecture of connector pipelines enables InfoDNA to implement new source and target connectors very quickly. This unique architecture enables us to even develop connectors for custom or legacy repositories.

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