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About Us


InfoDNA Solutions, LLC was created after years of frustration over the lack of proper processes and adequate tool sets to appropriately address the information life cycle.

Founded by industry veterans with almost a century of combined experience in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), InfoDNA combines industry-leading software solutions, expert consulting services, day-forward document processing services and document experts.


Our team’s vast experience in ECM and related industries allows us to provide solutions designed to streamline every aspect of information management—starting with ingestion of new documents via scan, email, and other channels, as well as collecting unstructured content from existing enterprise storage system (ECM, Records Management, etc.), automatic document classification, creation of corporate document taxonomies, meta-data extraction/mining and tagging of documents, and storage and retrieval of documents and information, making the data both available and easy to find.

Businesses today deal with tremendous amounts of information—up to 80% of which is unstructured data, making classification, indexing, and retrieval of the information extremely difficult.


This unstructured information is found in existing content management or storage systems within the organization and within incoming data channels such as email, fax, and paper mail. Most of this unstructured information is not classified or is not accurately classified according to the organization’s document taxonomy.

Consequently, most unstructured documents in a typical organization also lack the correct metadata tags or index values required for efficient organization and retrieval. If an organization has multiple content management or storage systems, organization and management of this information becomes exponentially more difficult. These conditions typically result in an environment in which the people who need this information face significant challenges every day while searching for a document or information. Industry association statistics show that knowledge workers (individuals that work with and need documents to do their job) typically spent 30% to 35% of their time looking for information, and 40% of that time they cannot find the information. Many businesses have not created a corporate taxonomy, which defines the document classification types that exist across the entire organization.

It is common for businesses to store records both digitally and on paper which can quickly become a legal liability, if not managed correctly. If an organization does not know what information is stored in its systems, it exposes itself to risk by potentially keeping documents and business records longer than is required by law. If the organization is subpoenaed as part of litigation and ordered to provide documents for a lawsuit, the organization risks violating a court order if it doesn’t know what documents or data it has that is associated with the lawsuit; or worse, risks implicating itself by providing records which could have legally been destroyed or purged but were not because the organization failed to implement effective information retention policies. InfoDNA is committed to providing our customers with effective information management solutions designed to reduce the challenges and risks associated with unstructured content in today’s business environment.

Doing it right requires experience and a tremendous amount of planning, preparation and the right tools to provide the right solution.


We have observed most solutions consistently fail to effectively address the tremendous amount of unstructured content and the valuable data that lies dormant within. InfoDNA empowers customers to quickly unlock the information hidden within that unstructured content, empowering them to make smarter, faster decisions—ultimately reducing costs and driving revenue.

See how InfoDNA can transform your business.