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Data Intelligence

Transforming your data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into value.

The document landscape in every organization is more complicated than ever.


Mergers and acquisitions bring together disparate systems creating the need to clean up those network drives and ‘shadow IT’ repositories.

InfoDNA offers a combination of cutting-edge technology and services to help companies more effectively manage the entire information lifecycle, regardless of where the information is stored or what form it takes. We help businesses clean out ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial documents), classify documents, automate business processes and empower retention policies.

From warehoused paper to digital files spread across multiple content management systems, we provide a holistic approach to automating the information lifecycle process, culminating in normalized enterprise taxonomy and compelling cost savings.

With a complete solution for managing unstructured content in the digital age, InfoDNA empowers users to find the information they need, when they need it—enabling companies to more effectively leverage their data to make smarter decisions and drive revenue.

Collect, classify, reconcile and seamlessly deliver enhanced content and metadata into any desired repository.

We help businesses manage, automate business processes, and leverage the entire information lifecycle.


See how InfoDNA can transform your business.