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New analyst reports are on the way.  Vendor acquisitions consolidating your options.  “The cream will rise to the top” as they say.

InfoDNA keeps an eye on the market and what customers are looking to accomplish.  Two polarizing mindsets are now in full swing:

  • Migration and change is very hard
    • Making corporate wide changes in how work is done is complex.
    • The need to reconcile the current state of affairs around document-centric work is perceived laborious.
    • Change management in people, departments and IT is never fun
  • Do more with less
    • On-prem content systems are complex, expensive and need upgrading
    • 95% of the Fortune500 have Office365 from Microsoft which gives them most of what they need to pivot to the cloud = at no additional cost

Consider the following:

  • CLOUD:
    • Nearly all corporate organizations are now subscribed to either Microsoft O365 or Google G-suite.  With those subscriptions, they have access to document repositories AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.
    • Alternatives also exists from Amazon with their Workdocs product that allows fundamental content management for $5 per user per month and that comes with 1 TB of storage.

    • The private equity firm Thomas Bravo engineered the acquisition of Alfresco by Hyland.  This now gives Hyland their organic OnBase repository, the Perceptive repository and now the Alfresco solution.
    • OpenText has a large number of repositories to consider (or not) – Content Services, Documentum, ApplicationXtender, eDocs, InfoArchive, OT2 (their cloud) and others.  Who is next for them to acquire?

    • BOX and DROPBOX has shareholder issues.  Their stock is stagnant and thus will cause their R/D investment to eventually stagnate.
    • On-Premise SharePoint 2016 goes end-of-service July 2021 and SharePoint 2010 ends all support April 2021.
    • The investment by the legacy stalwarts (IBM, OpenText) is dropping as they know what they architected 15 years ago is not what organizations will consume for the next 15 years.  We predict, this will begin to show up in the Gartner and Forrester reports.

    • California Consumer Privacy Act is in full swing and organizations need a more automated means of searching and deleting people from their systems.
    • Industry level regulations are at a point where the technology needs to ebb-and-flow with the changing winds of government law making.

What to do?  What to do!

Ask InfoDNA Solutions to help assess the current state and show a way to get to a better place tomorrow – all the while minimizing the burden of change AND doing more with less.

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