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There are fundamental facts as we move through this pandemic:

  • Most of us utilize Office365 – over 90% of the Fortune 1000 utilize it corporate-wide.
  • With that is access to SharePoint and OneDrive as part of that subscription.
  • We all accept the fact that 80% of all corporate data is in documents and unstructured.
  • From a recent webinar  the following were asked of the attendees:
    • Do they still use network drives -> the answer was 87%
    • Do they still use legacy ECM systems -> the answer was 62%
    • Over the next 12 months, 72% are retiring old technology and 62% are moving to new cloud technology.

If the fundamental expectation of any IT department is to automate and save money for an organization, this means there will be a grand pivot over the next 12 months away from the status-quo and into something new, cloud and most likely from Microsoft.

But just lifting everything into cloud as it lived today is not realistic.   There needs to be a ‘grand reconciliation’ of everything on these network drives and older on-premise technologies.  ROT makes up a majority of what is on all those spindles and need to be identified.  Especially on network drives, the mix of important business documents and your grandmother’s cheese cake recipe are intertwined into a ‘data swamp.

Let InfoDNA Solutions access your current state using Topla – our technology platform that can connect to any number of technologies and create a single view so you can identify, evaluate and automate the decision process about how to have a better tomorrow.

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