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As we move through this accelerated and immediate economic downturn from this pandemic, one outcome is a future full of civil litigations.  Shareholders, contractors, employees and beyond will emerge in the new reality.

Does your organization know where all your legally binding language exists?  Do you have them properly reviewed and managed.  Are you in a position to properly and effectively be nimble to the needs of litigation.  Obviously so much of this is unknown – so the word ‘nimble’ is important.

We find 80% of organizations, technologies like network drives and ‘bit buckets’ are still heavily used and tend to be where a lot of this data resides.

InfoDNA Solutions brings forward the expertise, nimbleness and solutions to make this work for you.  The Topla platform is able to quickly interrogate and reconcile all these heterogenous repositories as a single collection to bring a single view to all your documents.  Learn more HERE.

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