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There are some fundamental shifts in technology today everyone is looking to take advantage of as we move through this economic time.  These shifts take one multiple flavors of actions that are not the most interesting topics in an organization, but need to become a priority.

  • Replatforming for the cloud – take what you have and lift to the cloud.
  • Retirement and Decommissioning of older systems – take the tech and cost out
  • Consolidation of data centers – turn 1 + 1 = 1 from a facility perspective
  • Reconciling technology from a corporate merger – Another version of 1+1 = 1
  • Migration from old on-prem technology to new cloud solutions – Move from on-prem ECM to cloud content services
  • Cleaning out old data from current technologies – Your existing tech is fine, but bloated with old and incomplete data.

From a recent webinar titled “A.I. Powered Content Remediation & Migrations” the presenter Tom Rieger did a great job summing up the problem and routes to resolution.  The recording is HERE.

What was especially eye opening was when the online polling of people showed how the mix of technologies still running inside organizations:

  • Network drive = 87%
  • Legacy content systems = 62%
  • Old Email systems = 25%

What was even more revealing was when people were asked “What is happening in your organization in the next 12 months?”

  • Retiring old applications = 72%
  • Moving to new cloud based technologies = 62%
  • Replatforming to the cloud = 53%
  • Reconcile tech from a merger = 42%
  • Data center consolidation = 32%

What holds back progress is not knowing what you have.  How do you clean up network drives and old content stores without knowing what exists across them.  This act of move, migrate and replatform should only happen to important data and placed into a proper file plan for business governance and continuity.

This is where InfoDNA Solutions brings the right experts and technology to help in the total effort.

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