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On-Premise Microsoft SharePoint 2016 ends mainstream support on July 13, 2021!!!!  This is causing anyone with an Office365 subscription to quickly take-a-moment and decide what to do next in the way of utilizing SharePoint.  WHY?  If you have the E3 or E5 license for O365, you get it for free (mostly).  Add to this all the network drives and use of other repositories in an organization, and this small moment taking place on July 13, 2021 can drive a lot of big decisions.

Microsoft is making the economic decision easy for most firms – but the technical becomes a much larger task.  This is much more than migrating just SharePoint-to-Cloud-Sharepoint – a basic lift-and-shift.  This is about what is in SharePoint and what is in other non-Microsoft systems that are worthy to migrate.  How to reconcile WHAT SHOULD BE MIGRATED. What is in all the files and how to place them into a reasonable and defensible governance plan.  No matter the documents, there is a business or legal reason to maintain them.

The time is now to consider the what needs to happen next to transform the business.

Contact InfoDNA Solutions as we understand the broader document and content landscape and have the right tools and expertise to make this date in July be a good reason to change.

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