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No matter the cause of an economic downturn, what comes out the other end is a flurry of mergers and acquisitions.  Those firms that were not well capitalized or struggling with debt will be purchases.  We see very public bankruptcies in Neiman Marcus, JCPenney and Whiting Petroleum.

No matter the reasoning to sell or buy, legacy contracts and documents set the tone of price.  1000s of leases, rentals, real-estate dealings, partnership agreements, executive packages and beyond could pull down the value of any merger.  They need to be identified early!  Asset values are only as good as the verbiage and contracts around them.

InfoDNA Solutions has published a paper titled “Over 70% of all acquisitions never realize their value” that is meant for anyone who is positioning themselves to be purchased OR firms looking to acquire but should know where to look for red-herrings.  DOWNLOAD HERE


It starts with how to quickly assess the current landscape of contracts and documents that define a business – and how InfoDNA Solutions can bring their expertise and technology with Topla to automate this discovery….no matter the existing repository situation.

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