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During these times of social distancing and a need for most of us to work from home, the traditional ‘on-prem’ document strategy is causing problems.  Over and over, we hear about a lack of access, lack of searchability and lack of confidence combining into an inability to be effective.  If you have some combination of:

  • Network drives (with the only way to search is by traversing thru a folder structure)
  • 10+ year old document management systems
  • Old SharePoint (let’s not forget how SharePoint 2013 and older are already at end of support)
  • A mix of all of the above

Odds are you also content with:

  • Content ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial) files clogging up the search results
    • Redundant – Copies upon copies of the same file existing more than once across systems.
    • Obsolete – documents for business transactions from many years ago that are no longer relevant to the business
    • Trivial – your mother’s cheese cake recipe…or worse some random documents that have nothing to do with work.
  • No federated ‘collection’ – If you want to look across multiple repositories it is done one at a time.  Add to this a lack of metadata (the data about each file) being incomplete or non-existent (like in a network drive).
  • Technologies that are only effective when in the office.  Because of firewalls, network limitations and beyond – working with some of these technologies is harder to maneuver at home versus in an office.

Ask us at InfoDNA Solutions to help you quickly correct that insanity.  Within days, we can look in your current reality with our Topla Intensify product and move you through the (1) assess, (2) decide and (3) act phases to bring a more nimble and flexible reality to your work.