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With the Coronavirus creating an economic ‘pause’ for so many of us, is this an opportunity to research and consider ways to improve how your organization operates?  With 80% of our information being unstructured AND being the least effectively managed, turn this moment into an opportunity to consider what is possible to make things better.

If you add it up, most of you have:

  • >5 content management repositories and vendors ranging in age, capability and effective utilization.  If you have done any acquisitions in the last 8-10 years, you have 2x or 3x that situation.
  • Legacy systems holding terabytes of documents and content that when asking your peers in the company result in nothing by rumbles and grumbles.  Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) content living next to confidential and important business documents with no real records retention plan.
  • Potential security risks in old technology still running in the data center.  Consider SharePoint 2013, IBM CMOD 9.5, Windows Server 2008 (for those network drives) and Perceptive 7.1.5 are out of any real support or service in 2020.

Finally consider Gartner stating how traditional data centers will shrink in quantity and size over the next 5 years, the sum of the above is a major consumer of those cubic feet/meters of rack space that could be shifted to a consolidated option or cloud repository.

At InfoDNA Solutions, 100% of our focus is in helping organization overcome content issues and turn them into content solutions.  With our Topla Intensify product, we have encapsulated best practices to search across a heterogeneous set of document management options to quickly identify what should be kept…and what shouldn’t.

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