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Over the horizon is 2020.  5G networks will be the new-normal.  Harddrive capacity leaps over 20TBs. Intel brings out CPU with 56 unique cores per chip.  The cost of storage is essentially FREE!  Compute can be throttled up and down as demand changes.  Network speeds are about to hit another level of performance.  AND THAT IS JUST THE HARDWARE.

The evolution of software has changed and eclipsed how enterprise technology was developed 20 years ago.  But what is holding us back?  Let’s analyze the current content state of affairs:

  1. You have old versions of old ECM technology that made sense when it was installed 15 years ago – but your business has changed…and it needs help.  Millions of dollars and big iron running FileNet, Documentum, OpenText or others abound.
  2. People have been using cloud content services/EFSS to get around the stagnation from that old ECM solution.  BOX, DropBox, OneDrive and others.
  3. Those little department ‘network drives’ running on some old machine in the corner is how people communicate files between each other. Or worse, they try to turn this into a system-of-record.
  4. Departments have been turning on SharePoint for years to accomplish a degree of content collaboration and repository.
  5. Solutions are purchased in the last 10 years where document and content are an integral part of what they are storing.  Salesforce, Netsuite, SAP and others can accumulate 1000s to 1,000,000s of documents with no real library services to understand them or keep them under some records control.
  6. 40% of all emails have attachments made up of over 40 file types that get stored in that Exchange, Office 365 or Notes repository.

And you need to find the latest, most current, signed business instrument?  Are you sure what you find in those piles is correct?

The top 6 repository types also don’t exist once – they could exist multiple times.  How many SharePoint servers live in your company?  100s?  1000s?  What about all those cloud services sharing information across groups – and outside the company?  What about the results of each merger and acquisition?


Like rabbits that just multiply….and multiply….

Topla, by InfoDNA, can bring that ability to:

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