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One of the top thought leaders in the area of Content and Customer Communications Management, Doculabs, recently published a thought provoking blog that is at the heart of what InfoDNA Solutions is also seeing in the area of document and content management.

Over the last five years, many firms have looked at replacing their legacy Customer Communications Management (CCM) systems but chose not to follow through for a variety of reasons. The main reason these projects didn’t move forward is total project cost — mostly driven by the size and complexity of the document/content migration effort.

Especially for organizations who have millions of customers with years of legacy statements in a mix of repositories, that adds up to potentially billions of files.

Within the blog, they discuss the Top 5 Reasons for Considering a CCM Platform Upgrade:

  1. Legacy platform has inadequate capabilities
  2. Legacy platform is poorly supported or nearing end of life
  3. You needed it five years ago but couldn’t pull the trigger
  4. Your legacy support staff are busy calculating their retirement dates
  5. That huge bill for transition cost can now be cut significantly

Most organizations are in all 5 of these predicaments (especially #5) and this is where InfoDNA’s technology, TOPLA, comes into play across any number of technologies.  This mis-perception that is has to be a ‘huge bill for transition’ is a misnomer that can be quickly assessed and measured.  At the same time in this time of nearly free cloud storage, another thought needs to also be in how much engineering needs to go into the compress in CCM like it is 1999.  Maybe something like BOX platform is the way to go as your next Cloud-CCM as it is easy to also integrate into whatever platform you want to move your customer experience (which is most likely also in the cloud)>

Challenge us and we will tell you what is possible.

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