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The act of taking paper out of work has been a long time endeavors in business, and Dr. Joe Shepley outlined the problems and opportunities going forward to ‘transform’.  “Paper free in ’93” then “Paper free in oh-3” were mentioned as the dream.  But over time the variety of unstructured information has changed to the point of all these first generation technologies are now the “new problem” since we finally did rid ourselves of paper.


In his short interview, he calls out great examples like:

  • Business automations with new technology require a new thinking in how all the unstructured information can be smarter.
  • The conflict of consumer-driven data laws that are in conflict with data retention laws require a new way of managing all the information like contracts and documents.  Example:  Legal retention needs versus California Consumer Protection Act ‘delete me’ requests.

All the existing storage options that are causing the problems are the old network drives, 1st generation ECM systems like FileNet, Documentum and OpenText and add all the other lower-end technologies implemented in departments.

“How do we transform the process.  Think less about taking paper processes digital and re-image what you can do for customers better”.

This is all possible by engaging InfoDNA Solutions to drive an evaluation of all the current states in repositories and extract new knowledge from those as you look to centralize the system-of-record.  Transformation is a journey to re-engineer work, move work to the cloud and have a new level of economics in what it all costs and is maintained.

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