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Words used to describe Oracle include:

  • Expensive – YELP rating = $$$$$$$$$$
  • Litigious – they will sue anyone for anything to maintain their foothold on you.
  • Audits – Software audits were mostly invented by Oracle
  • Arrogant – They are right…just ask them.
  • On-premise – That big Oracle is running on a big box
  • Enterprise – Runs the big workloads
  • Laborous – takes a lot of DBAs to keep running
  • Legacy – 1990s called they want their Oracle back

And now we can add ‘confused‘ to the list. Oracle is now selling an on-prem set-up of its Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud, completely managed by the company itself, using the same architecture, cloud services, APIs, and SLAs as its equivalent regional public and private clouds. Oracle’s new on-prem cloud options are only available under subscription licensing. Any current perpetual licenses for applications or databases must move to the subscription model to take advantage of them, even though they might be running in the same data center.

The catch – money

Prices for the Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer start at $500,000 per month = or $6M minimum per year….and they want organizations to sign up for 3 years.  That is $18,000,000.00.

Craig Guarente, founder of licensing advisory firm Palisade Compliance and former Oracle veep for contracts and business practices, said

“users should understand that Oracle has a $20 billion/year support business on which it makes roughly 95% margins. While customers might be looking to reduce costs in moving to the cloud, Oracle’s margins in the cloud were around 60%.

“For Oracle to make the same dollar in the cloud as it does on-premises, it might have to double cost.”

Software Audits?: Regis Louis, exec veep of product management for Oracle Cloud Platform in EMEA, when pressed on whether the transition could incur an Oracle audit on existing perpetual licenses, said:

That’s all based on trust. This is the way we’ve worked: that customers are declaring they have a licence for [the software].

Gartner’s Raj Bala – Gartner research director – But given the scale of the commercial commitment to Oracle, customers would be wise not to transfer small workloads.

You cannot start small. With this, you really have to go all-in and make a commitment,” he said, “…demand for on-premises cloud from Oracle had not been strong.”

Your Options

Oracle Clients have 3 choices

  • Maintain Status Quo – keep paying to keep old on.
  • Trust Oracle and make this move – and we all know it isn’t that easy starting at $500,000/month.
  • Run out the Oracle applications as you migrate to something else – taking advantage of cloud and open-source to transform.

The opportunity to take <pause> and consider what makes sense is where InfoDNA Solutions can help clients realize what it will take.  Assessing the current state, formulating options that would include a combination of merging, archiving, migrating and bringing all your corporate data to a better state from a records and searchability.

FOOTNOTE:  This new Oracle option also has a 3 year minimum commitment – so now the number on the table starts at $18,000,000  and what happens after 3 years?  ANOTHER 3 YEAR COMMIT THAT WILL BE MORE THAN $18M.