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At InfoDNA Solutions, I see what people are moving from and where they are going – and WHY.  If we take a trending and look at the last 18 months – add to what the next 6 months in what we are being asked to do – there are some observations worth sharing.  These observations should also become apparent when the likes of Forrester and Gartner publish their particulars reports this fall about content repositories.

The Losers:

  • Oracle was never playing – they bought Stellent and will probably be removed from the charts.
  • IBM stopped caring about their ECM business years ago.  It is neither a focus, priority or investment.
  • OpenText is a mess of stories and repositories with no focus.  As the serial ‘acquirer’ of technology, they are even showing they have lost their way with spends like $1.4B for Carbonite (the consumer security tool Webroot).
  • Network drives – Nearly every organization we talk too still uses those ominous share-drives as an easy-and-cheap document store.  But you also get what you pay for.

The Winners:

  • Microsoft O365 – Hard to compete with the price point but since 95% of the fortune 1000 have Office365, they have access to SharePoint, OneDrive and the broader Microsoft stack in the cloud at no additional cost.
  • Box platform – they have been slipping in the legacy sync-and-share market, but their platform is growing.
  • Hyland/Perceptive (in health care) and Laserfiche (in public sector) are holding their own as they focus in their sweet spot.  There is a lack of innovation here, but much like using O365 there is a ‘good enough’ aspect to consider.
  • Veeva – they are winning the life sciences market from the legacy Documentum business purchased by OpenText in 2016.
  • Nuxeo – with their roots in rich media but with a broad and rich technology stack for more transactional business, they have been taking business from the older players.
  • Open source – rather we mean those directly in content (Alfresco) or abstract repositories (Hadoop), firms are looking at these as ‘viable enough’.

What should you do?

Have InfoDNA Solutions help you understand what a better future can look like to bring better automation, analytics and records discipline to all your documents.  They created their Topla tool to bring a single ‘collection’ across anything a client has to clean up the ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial) while also allowing modern machine learning and automation to place it all into a proper plan going forward.

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