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Two realities exist today; legacy ECM systems from yesteryear (IBM FileNet, Documentum, Laserfiche, Hyland, etc) are the keepers of the last content project as the newer and nimble cloud content services are being used for the next projects (Box, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, Egynte, SpringCM, AWS Workdocs and G-Suite/AODocs).

This old systems were built around a complex internally-implemented data center stack, complex business process methodologies and generally unattractive user experiences.  Even now, some of them are trying to be an on-premise option for cloud technologies – OpenText Content Services inside Salesforce.  WHY would anyone do that to themselves!!

You have a few options depending on work, records and most importantly – money.  Do you:

  • Maintain the old and the growing new?
  • Migrate the old into the new and archive the balance that is not active?
  • Accelerate the run out of the old as you copy the business needs into a new platform?
  • Do all of the above

If taking advantage of modern extensions to the document use-case are important – things like:

  • Artificial Intelligence – to extract knowledge and better predict the future.
  • iPaas – to integrate different cloud services together to automate work.
  • Greater mobility – not just mobile devices, but people gaining access to what they need no matter where they are at the moment.

You are required to think ‘cloud’.  Let InfoDNA help you assess your reality to find that right path to bring a more cohesive strategy to your business.  Topla Intensify is a tool that can bring heterogeneous ‘collections’ together to best understand what should be kept, archived or just deleted and will also tell you where the risk and opportunity is in your content stores.

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