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If you do not know what the title means, consider this:

Western Digital is now shipping a traditional hard drive with 20TB capacity.  Consider the entire library of Congress required 15TBs.  Cost = $800 ($40/TB)

SSD means “solid state drive” – the next generation of storage with no moving parts and much faster.  You can now get an SSD up to 100TBs!  Cost = But at $40,000, that is $400/TB

MicroSD cards are those really small persistent storage options that fit into cell phones, digital cameras or can be used by laptops or servers.  Cost = $200

The result is we have an unlimited set of options to have near free storage for all our files, documents and never, ever clean it up.  Business have increased their use of network drives as the defacto document store for adhoc needs.  Cloud options from Microsoft and Box have ‘unlimited’ as their storage per user of their technology.  But all these drives, network drives and cloud drives result in a bigger and deeper data swamp.

Ask yourself this:

  • Can you find what you need in the business?
  • Is there any real records plan in a business to get rid of files across everything?
  • If you are a consumer company, what is someone wants to know or be deleted based on the new protection acts in place like CCPA in California?

Not even worth asking about litigation, merger/acquisition, internal audits, regulatory requirements and beyond.  What about employees retiring or moving on?  The knowledge today can disappear in a day in what is on everything – so you need to encapsulate it NOW and bring a better tomorrow to all this infinite storage.

What to do!

Contact InfoDNA Solutions and we will point our Topla product at all your systems to help you create a single ‘collection’ to bring knowledge to it all.  These cheap drives, these fast drives and these really small drives should be opportunities and not a problem.

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