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OpenText™ Magellan™ AI capabilities are integrated into InfoDNA

InfoDNA Solutions and OpenText announced a new partnership to best automate the natural language processing and text mining of all corporate documents and bring them together into a standard repository.  Topla Intensify, by InfoDNA, can connect to multiple heterogeneous technologies and create a virtual ‘collection’ to best identify what is important – and what is ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial).

By adding OpenText Magellan‘s text mining and machine learning capabilities, this adds the ability to drill into each document and automate the review and reading to extract entities, concepts, generate summarizations, identify duplicates, best understand versions and automate the categorization and document retention plan.“InfoDNA Solutions brings an understanding of the enterprise document challenge and unique toolset in their Topla product that is a natural fit for Magellan as they engage with clients to help reconcile their document repository landscape”, said Scott Bederka, Worldwide VP at OpenText. “How they will use Magellan is exciting to help clients identify their document risks and automate the movement across their enterprise landscape.”For firms who grow through merger and acquisition, have to react to the ever changing landscape of regulatory rigor and need to place greater efforts around categorizing and managing their contracts, agreements and legal efforts – InfoDNA Solutions with OpenText Magellan can now effortlessly put them in a better place.

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