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Dr Joe Shepley with Doculabs published a very thought provoking article where he outlines what the new year has in store in the way of information management – more specifically around content and documents.  Dr Shepley has spent over 20 years helping clients understand their opportunity and risks around their business and how proper content management and processes can solve them.

His ‘Top 5’ list for 2020 includes:

  1. Microsoft widens the net.
  2. Traditional enterprise content management (ECM) continues to lose relevance.
  3. Microservices on the rise.
  4. Privacy.
  5. The customer journey.

The real clincher was around his comments about Microsoft.

Based on what I’m seeing at clients and out in the industry in general, I don’t see anything reversing (or even slowing) this trajectory. Out of the 30 or so projects I’ve been on in 2019 and the hundred or so other firms I’ve had the chance to speak with, only one (one!) is holding out against the Microsoft juggernaut.

The other 129 are at some point in the process of evaluating 1) what non-Microsoft applications they have that provide essential capabilities, 2) how many of these capabilities Microsoft provides and 3) whether they can jettison non-Microsoft providers and simply leverage the Microsoft products and capabilities they’re already paying for. And, spoiler alert: in at least nine out of 10 cases, the CIOs are deciding to go with Microsoft and sunset these other products. I predict this trend will continue in 2020.

As a few other predictions explain ‘WHY’ – microservices, privacy and customer journey.The ‘HOW’ is where InfoDNA Solutions saves the day.  All organizations have multiple on-premise ECM vendors to reconcile.  Add to it all the network drives, use of could-based repositories like BOX and DROPBOX and the ‘HOW’ becomes more complicated.  With Topla, by InfoDNA Solutions, the tool can compare and contrast across a heterogeneous set of systems and output what is important and what is ROT.

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